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Logo and Branding Success for Designers

Every brand, from small businesses to services and non-profits, benefits greatly from a professional logo. An effective logo gives an idea of the product or service and helps brand the respective organizations and products. All logos are not created equal, as any good graphic artist can tell you. For the designers out there looking to solicit new customers, adhere to these time-tested tips.

Your Talents

Established professionals as well as those just starting out need to remember the skill and talent required to develop a logo representing a product or brand. This talent should not be undersold. In fact, underselling or under-bidding jobs does a disservice to all graphic artists out there.

When you add up the time and talents needed to understand the product or service, translate that vision through sophisticated desktop design apps, and produce the final electronic files, it is obvious this is something that should be properly compensated. Bill your services on an hourly rate. What you you set as your hourly rate depends on your years of experience, the level of the job and how apt you are for the position. As a general rule, never bid by the job as this often results in hard feelings and extra time that goes uncharged.

It Lasts Forever

Do not forget that in the Information Age, nothing goes away. Your work will be out there for all to see ad infintum. Do a bad job and it will follow you for years. Remember too, that an unhappy client typically tells 20+ people where a happy and satisfied customer tells only four. A rush job is typically done when the job is bid per logo versus the above-mentioned hourly rate. Never cut corners or put out work that is shoddy or slapdash, and build a positive legacy.

Yes or No

Do not be afraid to turn down a job if it seems it is above your abilities or would cause a disruption resulting in shoddy work. As stated previously, your work will remain for a long time. It’s better to say “no” and slightly disappoint, than say “yes”, turn out poor work, and disappoint on a reputation-killing scale.

Social Media

There is of course, an upside to the digital age. Social media is a fantastic new tool for graphic artists that allows them to solicit work, make public portfolios and publicize logo branding successes. This is the new networking. Any successful logo should be displayed through social media sources to attract new clients. Issues of trademark arise here and a good tip for up-and-coming graphic artists is to get a “release of use” rider in the contract. These riders allow the artist display rights for the logo in their portfolios, a critical tool for success.

Ethics and Punctuality

It should go without saying that if a deadline is promised, the deadline must be met. Nothing damages reputations more than broken promises. If the job may take longer than suspected, alert the client before bidding on the job. Better to say something will take a little longer and get it to the client early than doing the opposite. In short, if you say something will be done, get it done.

It’s a rough and competitive market out there, but there is always room for true talent and high standards from a new artist. Meet these criteria and the logo jobs flow in, keeping the artist chops working and money flowing

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