Best black and white logos

60 Black & White logos that will rock your mind

Most logo designers start their design process by creating sketches in black and white. They do this to see the logo in it’s purest form. If it looks perfect in black and white there’s mostly no need to add any color to it. Black and white logos, or just single color logos, are the most difficult ones to create. The shape needs to be clear, the overall mark needs to be instantly recognizable and the logo needs to work in small formats as well.

Got any black and white logos that we should know about? Please let us know in the comments below.

Alright, get ready for these 60 best examples of logos in black and white

Textura – Muamer Adilovic

Textura logo design

Families – Herb Lubalin

Families logo design

Office Strategies – Josiah Jost

Office Strategies logo design

Aira – Miro Kozel

Aira logo design

Black Cat – Aditya

Black Cat logo design

Black Sparrow – FatimahART

Black Sparrow logo design

Black Titans – Kimi7

Black Titans logo design

Black Friday – Duminda Perera

Black Friday logo design

Black Sun – cleber

Black Sun logo design

Chalk – Dirk Leys

Chalk logo design

Brokers – David Pache

Brokers logo design

Up – Muamer

Up logo design

Wiesinger Music – Patrick A.

Wiesinger Music logo design

Sleep Records – Nima Jazireh

Sleep Records logo design

Sancti Spiritus – Álvaro Pérez

Sancti Spiritus logo design

Sapka – Deniz Marlali

Sapka logo design

Black Sparrow – Alexander Wende

Black Sparrow logo design

Embassy – Muggie Ramadani

Embassy logo design

Lad-yy – Cansu Cender

Lad-yy logo design

Fit – Radomir Tinkov

Fit logo design

Guild of Food Writers – 300million

Guild of Food Writers logo design

Edge – Raja Sandhu

Edge logo design

Ed’s Electric – Josiah Jost

Eds Electric logo design

Kotton – Matthias Staeheli

Kotton logo design

The Mansion – Folkert Gorter

Mansion logo design

Dianne Dieplo – Gareth Hardy

Dianne Dieplo logo design

Ann – Kevin Burr

Ann logo design

Elevate – Sandhya Rao

Elevate logo design

Rage – Vladimir Ilnitzki

Rage logo design

Foot – Dalius Stuoka

Foot logo design

Sentiel – Ivaylo Nikolov

Sentiel logo design

Ingenioustries – Kyle Racki

Ingenioustries logo design

Sting – Raja Sandhu

Sting logo design

Artvokate – Robert McKenna

Artvokate logo design

Industrial Wisdom – Glen Hobbs

Industrial Wisdom logo design

Symbiote – brandclay

Symbiote logo design

Eggonomy – Mike Erickson

Eggonomy logo design

Mosleep – Muamer Adilovic

Mosleep logo design

Data Protected – Jarek Kowalczyk

Data Protected logo design

Soleful Wines – almosh82

Soleful Wines logo design

Tejidos Paloma Blanca – MnaCreative

Tejidos Paloma Blanca logo design

Linebird – logoxygen

Linebird logo design

Umbrella – emwu

Umbrella logo design

Business Women Association – fraGile

Business Women Association logo design

Kosher Wine Express – Euan Mackenzie

Kosher Wine Express logo design

Zebra – Euan simc

Zebra logo design

Stillness Fishing – OBLAK_ID

Stillness Fishing logo design

Cennik – coocishman

Cennik logo design

Storm Foundry – Gert van Duinen

Storm Foundry logo design

Mammoth – Boldflower Design Studio

Mammoth logo design

Jazz New Orleans – PIOTRLOGO

Jazz logo design

First – Mateusz

First logo design

Haenen Legal Advice – Dirk Leys

Haenen Legal Advice logo design

Sharky – Daemon

Sharky logo design

Voyeur – Aleksandar

Voyeur logo design

Monako – palettecorner

Monako logo design

Bear Grill – Future Form

Bear Grill logo design

Piano Fashion – Mehdi Hassan

Piano Fashion logo design

Pulse – Aleksandar

Pulse logo design

Rabbit – Aditya

Rabbit logo design

These logos were collected from the LogoMoose. Visit their website for even more logo design inspiration from professional brand artists around the world.

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  • Awesome roundup! There are some pretty good looking logos in there.

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