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48 of the most cute animal logo designs for your inspiration

Some logos are very hard not to notice, especially if they are based around animals. Using an animal in your logo design can be a very smart idea. You logo will probably get more attention, more exposure and that means more business.

There are lots of animals to choose from but the most cute ones are listed below. We’ve made a selection of 48 animal logos with a perfect design. Do you know of any animal logos that we should have listed here? Please let us know in the comments below.

Alright, get ready for these 48 cute and powerful examples of animal logo designs

Zebra – SIMC

Zebra logo design

Vulpine – SIMC

Vulpine logo design

El Espanol – sodesign

El Espanol logo design

Camel – Gal

Camel logo design

Pis’moved – Zoe Four Hands

Pis moved logo design

Sheep – kapor

Sheep logo design

Grabbit – Zoran Trifunovic

Grabbit logo design

Leon Capital Management – almosh82

Leon logo design

Lion Shield – xmind

Vulpine logo design

War Horse – joaugusto

War Horse logo design


Love Bird logo design

Friend Factory – cpuentes23

Friend Factory logo design

Middletown Animal Hospital – kapor

Animal Hospital logo design

Bulltender – SIMC

Bulltender logo design

Canary – Yoon

Canary logo design

Spahorse – vasvari

Spahorse logo design

Nordic ANimal Welfare Foundation – antonnello

Sealion logo design

Elephant Biscuit – cpuentes23

Elephant Biscuit logo design

Hummingbird – square69

Hummingbird logo design

Cutest Paw – Yoon

Cutest Paw logo design

Animal Welfare Center – ancitis

Animal Welfare Center logo design

Foxography – Stevan

Foxography logo design

Bjorn – Future Form

Bjorn logo design

Mojito – Mateusz Turbiński

Mojito logo design

Sneaky Elephant – Stevan

Sneaky Elephant logo design

French Bulldog – yaceky

French Bulldog logo design

Petmergency – wizmaya

Petmergency logo design

Coop Elefant – Java Acosta

Coop Elefant logo design

Matson & Ridley Safaris – Zoran Trifunovic

Safari logo design

Rhino – Kreatank

Rhino logo design

Horse – kapor

Horse logo design

Dogcat – vasvari

Dog cat logo design

Foxy Stats – James Waldner

Foxy Stats logo design

Octo – Eugene

Octo logo design

Animalia – anghelaht

Animalia logo design

Ginger Fox – Dmitry Mir

Bilby logo design

Fox – kapor

Fox logo design

Sölvreven – Stevan

Solvreven logo design

Lion – minimalexa

Lion logo design

Anatomia Drewna –

Anatomia Drewna logo design

Squidd – Toz

Squid logo design

Frenzo – Alex Badovsky

Frenzo logo design

Mammoth – Boldflower Design Studio

Mammoth logo design

Matilha Creative – Alexandre Fontes

Matilha Creative logo design

Bilby – Cecile Ducrot

Bilby logo design

Tejidos Paloma Blanca – MnaCreative

Tejidos Paloma Blanca logo design

Standaard Boekhandel – Tomme

Standaard Boekhandel logo design

Animal Search – Cecile Ducrot

Animal Search logo design

Are you looking for a logo design that could design you an animal logo? Browse through hundreds of logo designers and pick the one that matches your style and expectations.

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